Bluff Shove Bad Beat Jackpot

Now Pays up to $3,000!!!

This is one of the really exciting things happening here at Bluff Shove!

Bonus Award Breakdown

50% to the loser of the hand

25% to the winner of the hand

25% split to remaining players dealt into the hand

Qualification Details

Losing Hand

NLHAces Full of Kings
PLOQuad 7’s
Big OQuad 10’s

In all cases, both hole cards in both hands must play and not tie the board.

More Details

Minimum 4 players must be dealt into the hand to qualify for the BBJ bonus!

Special Event tables do not apply

Micro tables do not qualify, must be .25/.50 or above

If sitting out of qualifying hand when it hits you are not eligible for the table share! (Sorry)